Annual Horse and Mule Sale, Salmon Idaho

2017: 18th Annual Salmon Select Mule Sale 
2017: 45th Annual Salmon Select Horse Sale


Grulla Roan Molly
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J Arrow Livestock/Jerry & Megan Cobb - Weiser, Idaho
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Grulla roan 7 year old molly, 14.3 h, weight 1100 lbs.  Daisey is a very nice riding mule that has been packed as well.  She has been ridden outside in the mountains and canyons.  She has been used to hunt off and pack game and salt.  She has been ridden extensively on the ranch gathering and sorting cattle.  Daisey is an easy going mule that will meet you at the gate!  She is friendly and easy to catch.  She is a standout mule that will get you noticed.  She rides as good as she looks!  She has a nice neck rein and moves well off your legs.  She is a very handy mule that we are proud to bring to town.  For more information please call 208-550-0992.