Annual Horse and Mule Sale, Salmon Idaho

2017: 18th Annual Salmon Select Mule Sale 
2017: 45th Annual Salmon Select Horse Sale


Gray Molly
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Daniel Borntrager - Salem, Arkansas
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5 year old, 14.3 h gray molly.  I've had Pearl for almost two years.  She has been ridden in the arena and in rough timber.  She is very athletic, would make a performance mule.  She is low headed, picks up both leads, lopes circles on a loose rein, and can really stop hard.  There is no trail to steep or rough; she is a climber and does not get excited.  She will lead strings or be led in a string.  Rope around legs is no problem.  She has also been driven 1000 miles on cross country wagon rides.  My wife can hitch her up to the buggy and take the three kids and go places.  Easy to catch and loves attention.  TRAIL COURSE COMPETITION!  BEST OF PEN CONTEST!