Annual Horse and Mule Sale, Salmon Idaho

2017: 18th Annual Salmon Select Mule Sale 
2017: 45th Annual Salmon Select Horse Sale

Fan Letters

Good Morning Fred,

I just had to write and tell you that this sale I think was the best of my 15 years of attending. First what a great group of sellers, great horses and mules, something for everyone. Just outstanding!

Three horses selling for over 10,000.00 is amazing. And many over the 5,000.00 . A few years ago I was concerned about the horses selling low. Well I think the tide has turned, how exciting!

Once again the weather was fairly good, the grounds were in nice shape and your staff does an excellent job.

We bought more from vendors this year than ever, some very nice merchandise at reasonable prices.

I sure hate to to hear you are loosing the service of Laurie, she always seemed so involved and dedicated!

In closing, I have to say what a thrill to of received the Doc Maheras memorial Buckle. I had no idea a I was getting it. When you ask my jacket size I just thought you were going to give me a jacket because of our friendship! I was so surprised, when Thursday night you told me about the buckle. I have sat in the stands many years thinking how exciting it would have to be for the people to get called down to receive a buckle. Never thinking I would receive one. NOW I am one of them! I will cherish it for the rest of my life.

As you know I am very proud of my home and life style in Pa, but I am mutually proud of my home in Idaho, I love the big lost area, but very few time do I come to Idaho that I do not come to salmon, what a nice town with friendly people, I have some great friends there, and am proud to have Fred Snook as one of them!

Thanks to you and your staff for all your efforts. I would think this has to of been one of the best!

Fred Imler

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Hi, Fred and Laurie - 
I just came inside after brushing the mules to watch it snow and was thinking about some poems for the Wolf Howling - and it occurred to me I should write a new poem commemorating your Sale.  Here you go!
I will bring a copy, maybe I'll have a chance to read it there Thursday night or sometime.  Hope you like it.
Black Mountain Outfitters, Inc.
Slough Creek Outfitters
P.O. Box 117
Emigrant, MT  59027
(406)222-7455 phone/fax
By Sandy Sallee
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                                                SALMON SELECT SALE
                                                    -for Fred and Laurie-
It’s Idaho’s premier equine sale -
With horses and mules galore
Cutting, reining, ranching and trail
Every year they’re showcasing more.
Quality stock at affordable prices
Study them at the fairgrounds
Previews and ropings and chasing the cans
Fastest ones winning the rounds.
Registered quarters, paints, and some grade
Fine long eared mules parade by
Performance, clinics, places to eat
Big covered grandstand is dry.
Clinics to teach you, talk to your steed
Packing a diamond hitch knot
Spurring a mule on 400 yard track
Now that will show what you’ve got!
Craftsmen, exhibitors lining the halls
With leather, silver and wood
Smells of home cooking wafting through air
You’d taste it all if you could.
When the sale starts there’s not a dry eye
Honoring ones who’ve passed on
From Fred’s mama Snook to big western stars
The Legionnaires herald the dawn.
Jackets and plaques for those driving far
And those who take home all their picks
For ranch horses, mares, and little cowboys
And Ring men, and roping, Pick Six.
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Prizes from vendors, buckles donated
Who bought the most and the best
Sellers can win new bling for their belt
You go to Salmon, you’re blessed.
Tradition, soldiers, American Flag
More’n forty years holding the torch
Calcuttas, awards, at ol’ Shady Nook
Social hour out on the porch.
Coffee and 4-H and kids running past
Shuttles, displays, and new gear
Cowboy Church reminds us to pray
The river shines bright like a mirror.
Outfitter sales where we howl at the moon
Competitions where mules pin their ears
Laughter and drinking and shaking a leg
And sometimes the mem’ries and tears.
It’s apple pie, Mom, Mayberry in one
We join with old friends and make new
Salmon’s a handshake that wraps ‘round us all
And Idaho feels right and true.
You want it all? Come to Salmon in Spring
The mountains shade grasses so green
It’s wild and it’s woolly, it’s genuine West
The Best Time that you’ve even seen!


I will be there !

I miss Salmon and the people, especially Fred and Laurie !  Scot  2-24-14 from Arkansas

Message receiced February, 6 2014. From Wendy Hanson.

My husband and I are coming to your 2014 sale and want to know when we can reserve seating.  Last year we paid on the day of the sale however, if you are selling reserved seats earlier please let us know.  We love your sale! Such fun, wonderful people, beautiful horses and mules.  Great family atmosphere, great location, tons of fun.

Three years ago we purchased the most perfect mule in the world from Ennis Bortrager (spelling is probably wrong) he is a legend in mule training.  Last  year we an amazing horse (highest price for a grade horse) from Tom Spencer.

We tell everyone where we purchased these amazing animals we have!  Thank you for such a great "one stop shopping" place for the perfect horse or mule.


Hello Fred And Laurie,              Message received April 19, 2013

Just wanted to tell you what a great time I had at the Sale. You all do such a wonderful job putting it together, What a fantastic bunch of horses and mules, and the people you surround yourself with to put it all together.

I thought the quality of the horses were exceptional. I bid on several horses and mules and did not get them, but if I had it to do over I would of went higher. I missed a couple good ones.

It has turned into one of my special times of the year. It took us three days to get outhere and it was worth it. We all had a great time. I will be back next year God willing. I am very concerned for the future of our country.

Thank You,  Fred Imler II